’10 4 February




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At first it is a chat.The yokozuna of that case is a retirement press conference.His conventional career does not come to nothing and thinks that it was really good.A cold day continued from that snowy day and because it got cold somehow in this morning, it strengthened heating, but was still cold this week.I will be anxious next week what kind of weather it is.Work is settled to some extent this week.There is the work that an idea is not given and is troubled with, but it is early and wants to deal.The work is complicated and does not go so simply.When Mr. Sato does not like skin of the porcelain, it waits on for the porcelain development for one year.It is the new series that was going to announce in this May, but it is going to be around next March.For this one year, I endured still it and did not get impatient.As a result, the big series of the scale will be given.Probably it seems to become busy all the time until autumn.I coordinate work by the end of this year and think whether I will devote myself to study for a while next year.Because I am a too old man who study hard in short time, daily life should be study, but will learn it intensively?I want to charge it a little.I want to wrestle with a design with a new feeling from the year after next, but, anyway, I think that I want to do announcement in the meaning that the work makes an end of.

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