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Mr. Motoe and Ms. Aoki came for the meeting of the exhibition today.Mr. Motoe came back noisily suddenly, and I was surprised right after I had seen off Mr. Motoe.He came to take the thing left behind, and he left really so quickly.It looks have been some important thing for him.I write the homepage to establish newly, but there is not readily the chronological order rearranging of a photograph and the document and does not advance.It should have done it earlier.Anyway, I am finished hastily because it is an turning point of my work this year.It does document rearranging when at a loss for a design.The part-time job that is a strong supporter is the end now by this month.There is it, too, and I hurry.Look by all means if completed.For this one week, it becomes sensitive to weather.There are the circumstances that cannot be late for the workplace and is scared.Even if I say that “do not fall snow”, it is no use because it is weather.Arita HOUEN seems to have begun to roll.It may be busy year of the settlement of accounts-like work in various ways this year.The peak of the business of the work is spring.It will follow slowly afterwards until early fall.About the local industry promotion business, I will meet new local people.It seems to need time to put this work on the railroad track.Probably it is not to be easy for me.However, it is a new aim for me.At this chance it will be that there is no help for it even if I get impatient.

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