’10 27 October

October 27 /Remodeling began, but dust of the wall construction is a quite suspicious thing.However, the rhythm of the work of craftsmen is admirable as usual.As far as, like craftsmen, it is envious that he can form the work of the day with his rhythm.It is said that it is smart to be over at just appointed hour or says one’s frame when it does not protrude, or after all just is just good words.It makes you dignified and you say a confident person, or the reason is because you are a strict.The artist has several ways or a style, and it is famous story that Henry Moore produced in regular everyday life like an office worker.In addition, artists unfortunate throughout the life of the genius seem to have the artist with a little quantity of work production.However, the approximate famous artist thinks that there are many people who there is the side measuring work value as economic system, and continue making every day.Seemingly it is art life to be able to see at will, but, as for such times, there may not be it.As you know, a winner is diligent unexpectedly, but the efficiency is good, too.Will it be a sense?

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