’10 28 October

October 28 /It was cold day today.I went out in Shinjuku OZONE without losing in the rain without losing wind.It was full of a large number of people.It was the opening party of the HIRAMEKI exhibition.It was the exhibition that large-scale famous dokoro, young people were incorporated.There was the good old design there, and there was the horror that there was a modern design as tradition.That it would be respect for the pioneer was the warm designs on parade.The illumination such as famous ice of Mr. Harri Koskinen is really warm if it says so.The country called Finland can say that it is small for population, but it is a large country by the design.I wonder if it says a north small giant.It was such two hours.I should be a little more proficient in English.I cannot understand their story.Will I be study from now on?I wonder if I had better go for a trip to spread the information a little.The person with the time please go for this exhibition by all means.I will go for the help of the show tomorrow.

株式会社筆屋コーポレーション 。gallery "Another Function" を運営しています。

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