’10 20 December 嬉しい便り


December 20 /Today from the afternoon, I took a student to some car manufacturer and did visiting a company.The students told that they were very significant.You should in plain words in the contents which were advised afterward by a director. I pray for a portfolio for finding employment being finished.An email arrived from Miss Tanaka who is in London the other day.She informed that all the transportation had stopped in London on this day by a heavy snow.It includes Helsinki, and the Europe in this year seems to be serious for heavy weather.Because I wanted to know the present condition of Miss Nakamichi I was worried about, I answered Miss Tanaka that pleasse tell Miss Nakamichi to give me her information.The news does not still come at all.When I returned to my office, it was nice news of Miss Nakamichi from N.Y.C. today that I thought how is she.I was really relieved and somewhat took one piece of photograph.When I opened out, I took one picture and took one picture when I opened out, and it turned out with the thus photograph mentioned above.With the thing that she is cheerful in a letter, the instructions entered that you did not throw away a small parcel by mistake, and then I opened it carefully while having kiss chocolate.Well, I have laughed by the warm instructions that do not fit her handle,thank you very much Miss Nakamichi.On 24th, Miss Fabe comes over after a long absence from Finland.I look forward to a lunch now.The book arrived from Amazon, and the antique bookshelf arrived, and the Christmas present from Mi chan arrived, it is me who am satisfied.The restaurants where it does not readily get a reservation increase from now on.Roppongi on Sunday of the other day was full of people after a long absence.At the end of the year, people truly look cheerful.Well, let’s start the work that I still left undone this year.

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  • 12月 22, 2010