’10 1 October

October 1 /It was a breast cancer day today.Tokyo Tower turns into a clean rose tower for a campaign for breast cancer destruction.Several times, the illumination of Tokyo Tower change in the year.The illumination of the end of the year is famous, but changes to a green tower, a blue tower, a three-color tower elsewhere.It is flexible unexpectedly at lighting time.It is common to turn off the light at 12:00 p.m.There is time to turn off the light at late time.The way back from the workplace, Big Tokyo Tower appears suddenly when it turns to the left at the crossing of Iigura Katamachi.It is familiar scenery for me, but a fellow passenger is sometimes surprised.Tempted by it, it realizes me again,the existence of the tower is natural and does not usually begin consciousness.I took the upload photograph mentioned above for dozens of seconds during I put a car in a garage.The sky tree is too long and feels be a high-rise building on the way that invisible.It will be impressive if you see it.We had a meeting in late afternoon, and I went to the workplace.The weather was good, and it was the campus where some autumn signs were felt.A student handcrafted a block calendar until work presentation day when I dropped in at the classroom.We had a chat for a while,when I impressed by sunlight to feel the autumn sign of the campus to look at from the classroom,I told them,”Do not forget this scenery, because if you come to work in the downtown area, it is not readily endowed with environment so much.”It unusually became the commendable topic.May not people living a life notice a certain comfortable environment around them at present?It is said “understand it only after you lose it.”,therefore you should value the eye of the third person watched objectively.The words called the trust are identical as with, also.

In addition, I became busy.You should pay for the money to grade up a little more,if you would like to use an better interpreter?I am already rundown.(Mr.Pikaichi said)

I’m so sorry to trouble you, Mr.Pikaichi. I think that we need the relationship for each other as same as the words called the trust.

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