’09 12 October

10月4日 /数日前、夜中にK甚さんからメールが入りました。「とても良い織物が出来て嬉しい。面白い織物が出来たと思います。」という話でした。それを土曜日に工場で拝見して感激致しました。「本来は使用できない織物組織だったので、失敗したと思ったが、出来上がってみたら素晴らしいものになっていた。」とK甚さんが申しました。どの現場も、やはりチャレンジなのだと思いました。失敗を恐れない姿勢が最後には良いものに巡り会えるのではないかと思います。午後から事務所にて、K甚さんからの追加リクエストの仕事を致しました。

October 4 /An e-mail became available from Kawajin at midnight a few days ago.It was “a very good textile was made, and to think that it was a glad,interesting textile”.I had a look at the email on Saturday and was moved.I originally thought that I failed because it was the textile organization which it cannot use”.However, it became splendid when completed Mr.Kawase said it.I thought all spots after all to be a challenge.I think that the posture that is not afraid of failure may come across a good result at last.I did the work of the additional request from Kawajin in my office from the afternoon.


October 5 /A parttimer participated by the promise until the last day in next March from today.A workplace is already arranged informally for her, and she works at the company from April of the next year.It is a promise of then.The new face from the next fiscal year was decided on my office.I do work for a mental revolution, a new aim.The parttimer has life abroad and the intern experience in the stay country and thinks that we do not have to worry, and it is left my absence.


October 6 /The work efficiency of my office improved thanks to a part-time job.I must do a persiennes design case article late this week.The making of pamphlet and the exhibition of Kawajin still progress smoothly, too.The work becomes favorable.As far as I am glad until this time.Because the noise of the next dismantling construction was not ordinary, I went out to protest it indeed today.The world of adult has various devices.It is the owner of the neighbor Building, and a complaining famous old woman is, but she vanishes while only oneself takes guaranty money without protecting a tenant.As far as I am exasperating.There was an intense construction opposition movement once.It is the time when I built my house near.The woman led everybody and did opposite of construction in those days.A real estate agency said; when “the person takes money, only the person who begins to say that is spoiled whether murder him changes for agreement of the enthusiasm.”



October 7 /There was a serious affair today in a workplace.In a meeting, my name has been called many times.I seem to be crushed in pressure, but must survive it well.It will be pressed for difficult choice.I am troubled recently because I have a pain in the bronchus though it is normal temperature.There was sometimes choking time and when I was sleepy, it was valuable and was early and has slept because I cannot sleep.



October 8 /A strong typhoon came over.When it entered the Metropolitan highway from early in the morning, Kasumigaseki, it was an accident traffic jam.A truck crashed into the wall in the place that passed through the tunnel.Probably I think whether it is the result of the strong wind.Because it is a calm, a driver puts up speed with the condition in the tunnel, and I wonder if the truck was not flung against the wall in the place that left the tunnel by a strong wind.From the afternoon, a sunny interval spread at a stretch.As for me, the rain of the early morning is not believed.In fact, the outlet port of the courtyard of my office was uneasy (by the last heavy rain, the inundation is just before in a floor) and because I slept early, I was woken up at midnight and went around it.I look all right somehow.I will finally begin the exhibition construction and photography schedule adjustment for pamphlets tomorrow.If a print manuscript case article is over on Saturday, it is a short-lived break in Yugawara because it is anxious about typhoon afterward.I think that mowing should be possible incidentally.I follow in busy days until the end of November.


October 9 /The typhoon pass, the fine weather were over of the morning.The lighting switch of my office had a state of the trouble, electricity person examine it.As a result, it was a state just before the fire.We became the meeting without the lighting from the afternoon.In the case of this meeting, Saotome of the decorator which I met whether it was dozens of years since then told that several hectares purchased land in Mobara.She said that I should have been educated by the progeny of the merchant from Omi called Nishikawa Sangyo.Still, she is a splendid person.Mr. Kawase said to us “made it rosoku illumination at this chance”, he made a joke and went back.The meeting was smooth.

10月10日/ 午前中に八王子へプリント原稿の入稿に参りました。驚いたのはO田染工の後継者の成長でした。いつまでも息子と思っていてはいけません。ちゃんと立派に成長を遂げているのです。とくに工場の中枢である、色出しの工房がきちんと整理されており仕事のできる工場のイメージが出ていました。伺うと「親父がいないうちにやりました。今は俺の方が強いから。」と申します。仕事の出来る工場ではありましたが、整理整頓は不得意そうでした。これで、これからの仕事は上手くいくと確信した次第です。連休スタートの日でしたので、道路は若干混んでいました。その後、勤め先に顔を出し書類を仕上げて帰宅致しました。

October 10 /I went to Hachioji for the case article of the print manuscript in the morning.It was growth of the successors of the Okuda dyer that I was surprised.You must not think it to be a You little brat forever.He accomplishes growth magnificently well.In particular, a studio of the compounding of the dye which was the nucleus of the factory was arranged properly, and the image of the factory which it was possible for of the work appeared.When I asked son a question, he said it because he did it when father was away from a workshop, and there was authority towards me now.It was a done excellent factory of the work, but the police seemed to be weak so far.For this reason, I was convinced that work in the future went well.Because it was the day of the consecutive holidays start, some roads were crowded.I came to the workplace and finished documents and came home afterwards.


10月11日/本日は晴天にて、湯河原の草刈りに出掛けました。今回もT君と一緒でした。いつもガッカリするのは、前回奇麗に刈り上げたにも拘らず草や雑木が生い茂っていることです。先ずテントを立て、物置から道具を出し、長靴に履き替えて、朝食後作業開始です。 道路も込みますので、早めの出発になります。T君とは二子玉で待ち合わせですが午前6時です。大体、お昼までが勝負です。あとは草が乾燥するまで待って、集め積み上げて終わりです。途中ゆっくりめの昼食後、ホームセンターで買い物をして昼寝を済ませ、午後2時30分過ぎから1時間30分くらい作業して午後4時過ぎには撤収です。日が短くなったことと、道路の混雑を避けるためです。幸い、今回も渋滞に巻き込まれることなく無事に帰宅致しました。スモールランプの消し忘れがあり、幸運にも2度ほどでエンジンがかかりましたので自宅に直行して、近所で夕食と相成りました。草刈りの間は、無心になれるので良い気分転換になりました。

October 11 /By fine weather, I went to Yugawara for mowing today.We accompanied T this time.There is a matter to always disappoint us.Though we cut grass short from the back upwards neatly, it is that grass and miscellaneous small trees grow thick when we come again.At first we put up a tent and take out a tool from a storeroom and change into work boots, and it is a work start after breakfast.Because a road is crowded, as for the mowing, we depart early.T and we are joint in Nikotama, but it is 6:00 a.m.Generally I can concentrate mowing until the early afternoon.I wait till grass dries afterward, and I gather you and pile it up, and it is the end.We do shopping in Home Center, and, after the lunch which took the time enough on the way, finish a nap, and we work for around one hour & half from past 2:30 p.m., and it is withdrawal at past 4:00 p.m.The reason is because it avoids a traffic jam with a day having become short.Fortunately, we came home safely without being rolled up in a traffic jam this time.I have forgotten to put out the Small lamp of the car.Because engine of we started as twice luckily, I went directly to the home, and we took the supper in a neighborhood.Because I could be innocent, during the mowing, it was a good change.

10月12日/本日、近接ビルの解体工事は何方かのクレームで中止になりました。当然です。休日までやられたら休めません。本当にひどい解体業者なのです。多分、強気には理由がありそうです。滅多なことは申し上げられませんが、何時も先頭に立つ近所で一番のクレームウーマンが不思議と不在です。しかも、彼女のビルの駐車場を件の解体業者が借りています。不思議とその業者に好意的であったのも珍しいと思った次第です。今日クレームをした方は、一番の被害者と思われる目の前の家の方だと思います。静かになった事務所に電話があり、旧友H山君が参りました。仕事の届け物があり、近所まで来た様子でした。彼から頂いた俳句同好会の句集についての話になりましたが 、漢字が難しく読めないという話をしたのです。ところが、編集にとって漢字の表現は難しいのだそうです。特に漢詩に題材を得たものなどは、編集者が意味を理解するよりは間違いなく校正することが大事なのだそうです。四方山話がひとしきり終わり、私も明日の仕事の仕込みをしなければなりません。近所でお茶を飲み、別れました。12月初旬まで、お休みは返上です。

October 12 /The dismantling construction of the proximity Building was called off by an objection of any one today.It is a matter of course.If a supplier has dismantling construction stolen on a holiday, we cannot take a rest.It is a really terrible housebreaker.Probably I am aggressive, and there seems to be a reason.The silly thing is not talked about, but the first objection woman is absent strangely in the neighborhood that always leads it.Besides, the housebreaker borrows the parking lot of her building.The reason is because I felt that it is unusual for me to have wondered in her having been favorable for the supplier.I think that the person who did today’s objection is the first victim and house of the seeming very front.There was the telephone of the office which became quiet, and old friend Nishiyama came.It looked like there was his work, and he came to the neighborhood.About the book of the haiku club which he gave to me was talked.A chinese character is difficult and told that I am not readable, but editing and the expression of the chinese character seem to be difficult.As for the things which got a subject in Chinese poetry in particular, it seems to be certainly important to proofread than an editor understands a meaning.I must prepare the tomorrow’s work, too.I drank tea in a neighborhood and parted from him.Until the beginning of December, there will not be my rest.

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