’10 17 November

November 17 /It is rainy today.I intend to cut grass on 23rd, and I watch a weather forecast with care, but seem to be cloudy for the present.By the way, I look for a camera because I wanted to take a slightly proper snap.Because the latest digital camera of Sony seems to be able to use an analog lens of Contax, I consider it in what want to take it.I think that it does not match a professional anyway and it thought that I am good with the photograph of the mobile telephone, but it changes some ways of thinking and wants to enjoy it.The gallery whom we reopened on 15th are passable entering.It seems to have been asked Miss Tomoko Endo for an exhibition of COREDO Nihonbashi, and it is a favorable start yesterday.If the activity of the young artists who held a private exhibition in our gallery is remarkable, I feel it day by day.It is the rush of receiving a prize and the exhibition so that I inform it with NEWS column.In such bad times, I think it to be great.This project is finished with six people more for the time being, but is considering development of the second coming year.

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