’12/4/Feb./世の中の動き/We cannot but change, however…….


March 4 /The employment posture change of the company became the topic in the news of the national broadcasting the other day.So-called, it is globalization.Words called global standards were made much of as once.A fly of a nagging azalea said that “that was Anglo-Saxon standard” so that I thought.As a result, I felt the uneasiness that is not felt when I ware in Japan if I appeared abroad.When you stay in this country, it does not understand what can say that “this country is the country which is happy and peace utterly”.During an overseas stay, I thought that distinction with the other Asian tourists became difficult for a while, but came to understand it immediately.There is a happy feeling for the circulation of the Japanese tourist like an aura strangely.The guy talking clearly may say that they are absentminded, but it is wrong.Generous what it is; and seem to be rich room.There were many Japanese in the hotel of Paris, and the old couple who exchanged greetings in breakfast was a typical rich Japanese.The thing which the wife wears is a high-quality article, and it needs not to seem to come to Paris.The thing of the husbands is a article such as the dress-up doll of the home visiting sales of the department store.The figure that the odd quirks were possible was taste of the founders of the companies which he built in his lifetime.I supported the old couple who did not understand how to buy tickets in Lyon either.People that it seems to be totally rich. They wre looked like the couple of the great government official who resigned from his job. Not clothes, it behaves themselves.They were really beauty themselves.However, the change of the employment posture, how it will be influence us from now on.Young people will not be able to survive on the inheritance of grandpa and grandma forever.I am afraid even if I stay in Japan.The good person has the fault that is easy to be utilized by a bad person if you see on the other side.

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