’10 4 October

October 4 /There was a meeting from the afternoon of today.One will handle one my who am a designer being particular even if it says the next spring.I think that I want to be completely finished by the end of tomorrow.As for my office work, the work of the workplace is difficult in it this week, too.A student looks happy for an art festival, but a teacher is uneasy without going so.I am tired in this way if full of cares.It stops these talks with this in what it thinks not to understand what it is.The rise of the number of the recent access is really favorable as I talked.In fact, my poor designs were carried recently by a book called “design goods showcase”.From a client, it was interviewed, but it was said to give you publication permission and consented.When I took the contents goods, it was the ex-students on parade.They are 20-30 generations. They are at the height of their powers.A design of the father who seems to be broken just before the sixtieth birthday is carried, and it is really pleased and embarrassed reason.The gist of a design carried by this book buries the possibility, but is like a B grade gourmet when it compares it to the story of the meal.There is the ashamed thing when I think that an old bird just before 60 years old is carried.However, even human evolution is told that growth strategy called the neoteny suddenly raised evolution.Haste makes waste(walk,don’t ran).I must live in the above for 50 years more if I look this.It is tiring, too.Slowly leisurely.You who are young, I want you to think that you are wonderful if accepted with a young guy when you greet the sixtieth birthday (it says sour grapes).

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