’12/22/May/ある朝。A story in the oneday morning.

5月22日/たまに家人は、鋭いことを言います。曰く「貴方が、持ち歩く荷物の多さと知性は反比例しているわ。」全く、その通り。「あるようでないのが教養、なさそうであるのがプライド。」この言葉はいつも肝に銘じているのですが、ついつい手荷物が多くなってしまいます。とうとう仕事場にも駐車場を借りてもらうことになりました。冒頭の話は、その際の戒めの言葉です。こうして、早朝から深夜まで働いても繁華街を歩かなくて帰宅出来るのは幸せです。歩けば10分くらいの距離ですが、途中の繁華街を通り抜ける度に嫌な思いをします。兎に角、仕事場と家が近くなったような気がします。これで一層、仕事が効率よく廻れば、問題無しということでしょうか。もう一つ、このスペースにとって有り難いのは、車の前にANOTHER FUNCTIONのサインを出せることでしょうか。いつも、迷う人達がおりますので朗報といえます。終わりよければ、全て良し。
May 22 /My wife sometimes says a severe scathing thing.She says to me, “Numerousness of the load which you carry everyday with your intelligence are in inverse proportion.”It’s truth as she says.There is not the culture as you think that you maintain it,even if you think that you do not fuss over it,however it is pride that you really own.I always take these words in my heart, but just just baggage increases.I had my president(my wife) asked for a parking lot for the studio unwillingly.The opening story is words of the admonitions of the verge.It is very convenience and happy that I need not walk the busy streets in such an order even if I work from an early morning to the middle of the night, and can come home.It is the distance of around ten minutes walk, but feels unpleasant when I walk through the busy street on the way to home.Anyway, it feels close in my studio and my house.If my work turns around in this efficiently still more, there will be no problem? Might be it will be able to put out the sign of ANOTHER FUNCTION in front of my car that is fortunate other for this space?Because there are people who always lose their way to our gallery, it may be just a good news.If an end improves, it is good in total.It makes me so happy!!!!

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